Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Germany!

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Germany!

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The following places show that you do not have to wander into the distance from one of the German airports – even in the home you will find breathtaking landscapes like from the fairy tale book!

Many of the most beautiful places in Germany are worthwhile for a weekend trip or a short excursion as the journey is short and the accommodation possibilities are manifold.

In addition, excursion destinations in nature are perfect for a spontaneous active holiday or hiking holiday. No matter what you decide for: you should have seen these top 10 beautiful places to visit in Germany!

1- Spreewald, Brandenburg

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Spreewald, Brandenburg

Not only in Venice you can barge from A to B by barge. This is also possible in the Spreewald, which is just 100 kilometers from Berlin. The Spree branches out as a result of the last ice age in a labyrinth of small streams and was extended by the residents partly to navigable channels. Life took place here for many centuries water. Today, 250 kilometers of the 1550 kilometers of watercourses can be navigated by boats. The most popular are round trips with the historic Spreewald barges.

2- Teufelsmauer, Harz, Saxony-Anhalt

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Teufelsmauer, Harz, Saxony-Anhalt

Germany also has a Great Wall. North of the Harz, the Teufelsmauer can be found, which stretches over 20 kilometers between the small towns of Ballenstedt and Blankenburg. In some places only a few rocks rise steeply, on others, for example in Neinstedt, the compact wall looks like it was created by supernatural powers. In fact, it arose as a result of the formation of the resin. Massive tectonic forces were at work, shifting layers of rock from the horizontal to the vertical.

3- Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes, Thuringia

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Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes, Thuringia

To experience fairy tales and fairies, you do not have to drive to Disneyland. In the middle of Thuringia you will find a fairy tale dome with a Grail castle as you dive into the underground world of the Saalfeld fairy grottos. The caves were created by mining in the Thuringian Slate Mountains hundreds of years ago. The huge subterranean spaces turned into colorful stalactite caves over time. In 1914, it became a show mine. Here you can be accompanied by a Grotto Fairy on your tour and visit the fairy magic land with your children.

Tip: In addition to the Saalfeld Fairy Grotto, there are other exceptional stalactite caves in Germany that are unique in the world.

4- The Bastion Bridge, Saxony

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The Bastion Bridge, Saxony

The Bastion Bridge is an impressive sandstone formation and a natural monument. If you want to go there off the beaten track through the Saxon Switzerland, then you should choose the path through the Hellmouth. Off the marked trail, an old path leads down to rock steps into the gorge, which is framed by huge sandstone cliffs and rich vegetation. Past the Steinernen Bären you can then return to the trail and enjoy the magnificent view from the Bastei across the Elbe Valley.

5- Hainich National Park, Thuringia

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Hainich National Park, Thuringia
Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Germany

The Hainich is the largest contiguous deciduous forest area in Germany and belongs since 2011 to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the surface of the national park, nature is largely left to its own devices, so a jungle awaits you here in the middle of Germany. Absolute highlights are the treetop path, which offers wonderful views over inaccessible parts of the forest, as well as the special fauna (with wild cats!). For a truly memorable stay, visit the Hainich in spring – a flower spectacle that seems to come from a fairy tale awaits you.

6- Vorpommern Nationalpark

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Vorpommern Nationalpark

Forest and beach do not match? In the northeast of Germany already! The Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park is a unique area of dunes, cliffs, lagoons and windswept trees. The whole area looks like something from another world, and if you’re lucky you’ll find seals, deer and deer. Incidentally, the name derives from the so-called Bodden – separated from the Baltic Sea bays, which can be partially explored by boat.

7- Kyffhäuser Nature Park, Thuringia

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Kyffhäuser Nature Park, Thuringia

In the shadow of the fabled Kyffhaeuser mountains lies the Golden Aue. It used to be a huge wetland and was drained in the 12th century. The approximately 600 hectares of water surface of the helm reservoir, which was built to protect against the annual flood, offers ideal conditions for over 300 species of birds. Every autumn thousands of cranes rest here before flying on to the south. If you want to closely observe the ‘birds of luck’, meadowbirds or other birds, then pack your binoculars and use one of the many bird watching towers.

8- Altschlossfelsen (Rock Fossils), Rhineland

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Altschlossfelsen (Rock Fossils), Rhineland

The red dense rock formations are not in the southwest of the US, but in the southwest of the Palatinate, in close proximity to the community Eppenbrunn on the border with France. However, you must first fight through the Palatinate Forest to get to this colorful group of red sandstone rock. For a particularly intense color experience, you should set off in the spring, because then there is no foliage in the path of the sun and the rocks are fully illuminated.

9- Berchtesgadener Land, Bavaria

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Berchtesgadener Land, Bavaria

The Königssee in the southeast of Bavaria, in the Berchtesgadener Land, looks like a Nordic fjord with its crystal-clear water and its bends. And yet you are in the Alps and on the shores of the lake rise steep cliffs. With an electric boat you can quietly translate to the peninsula of St. Bartholomä and visit the Baroque pilgrimage church with its characteristic red onion domes. In the nature reserve on the Koenigssee, you may be lucky enough to spot golden eagles, deer or marmots.

Tip: Not far from Lake Königssee Slazburg is located in the middle of the Austrian Alps. Salzburg has several award-winning hiking trails and some of the most beautiful accommodation in the region – including the Alps.

The Cliffs of Etretat, source of inspiration for many painters, is one of the most visited places in France. These spectacular white chalk cliffs and pebble beaches nearby make this place a hit.

10- Teutoburg Forest, North Rhine-Westphalia

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Teutoburg Forest, North Rhine-Westphalia

The Externsteine are among the most impressive natural monuments in Germany. They are also exciting, because their cultural-historical significance is still not fully understood. It is known that the mountain chain originated about 80 million years ago. The Lower Cretaceous sandstone was placed vertically in the area of the Externsteine and since then shaped by erosion. Today, the stones can be climbed through two staircases. You should definitely go up, because you get from 40m height a great view of the Teutoburg Forest and the Wiembecketeich.

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Germany

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