Russian Cuisine and Shopping in Russia

Russian Cuisine and Shopping in Russia

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The cuisine of Russia is incredibly diverse, its features and tastes vary depending on the geographical location of the area. It is believed that Russian cuisine is one of the most colorful in the world, it absorbed the ancient Slavic cuisine and the cuisine of various peoples inhabiting Russia. Since we have more than 100 nationalities, and each of them has its own traditions and customs, it is rather difficult to briefly describe Russian cuisine. Nevertheless, there are many dishes that can be safely called native Russian and which are definitely worth a try.

In Russian cuisine, most often products are not used raw. The most popular cooking methods are stewing, baking, simmering and pickling (since in Russia it is customary to harvest food for the future). As a rule, lunch in Russia consists of three dishes: soup (good old borsch, rich cabbage soup or any other), the second (meat or fish with a side dish) and the third in the form of a drink (berry juice, thick jelly or stewed fruit) and dessert. In addition, the Russian table is always rich in snacks.

The abundance of cereals in Russia, such as rye, oats, wheat, made it possible to prepare many varieties of bread, cereals, pancakes, beer and other cereal products. One of the most popular Russian dishes is pancakes, which are served with sour cream, caviar, jam, honey, fish and other fillings. In addition, Moscow’s kalach and bagels, Tula gingerbread, pies and pies with fillings (apples, plums, cabbage, fish, meat, cottage cheese and many others) are popular from flour products. Not a single Russian meal can be imagined without bread. He was always eaten a lot in Russia. No wonder the proverb “Bread is the head of everything” was born here.

Another popular dish in Russia is cereals, which were always cooked in the oven before. Oatmeal, pearl barley, millet, buckwheat and semolina are so loved by Russian people that without them it is impossible to imagine the diet of the Russian family. Most often, cereals are eaten for breakfast and served with butter and jam.

The climate in Russia contributed to the appearance of hot and satisfying foods, such as rich soups. The most popular soups are cabbage soup, okroshka (mainly in summer), pickle and, of course, borsch.

Traditional drinks in Russia are kvass, fruit drinks, teas and sbiten, and from alcoholic drinks – vodka, mead and various tinctures. Since Russian cuisine is unique and not as widespread in the world as, for example, Italian or Japanese, the gastronomic component of your trip can be a very interesting adventure if you are used to eating in cafes with other world cuisines or in ubiquitous fast foods .


Russia is a huge country with many different geographical regions, each of which has its own characteristics. Therefore, the answer to the question of what to bring as a souvenir from a trip to another region or how unusual it is to please yourself depends on what place you decided to visit during the trip. Each corner of our large country has its own traditions and customs. And most often there are things that characterize this particular place and embody the Russian spirit. Often these can be things or products that cannot be found anywhere in the world.

Of course, the most common souvenir that all foreign tourists bring from every corner of Russia is a nested doll. Traditionally, a Russian woman is painted in a red dress and scarf, but nowadays, other themes for painting are often used: fairy-tale characters, entire families, political figures, and simply abstract images.

Tula gingerbread, a classic gingerbread with jam inside, decorated on top with an inscription or an image of sights, is widespread in the country. Such a gingerbread can be purchased not only in Tula, but also in any other Russian city. By the way, if you decide to visit Tula, you can buy the famous Tula samovar there.

Another of the most popular souvenirs from Russia is the original Russian winter boots. Incredibly warm, often decorated with patterns of different colors, boots can be a pleasant gift for yourself or your loved ones.

For women, a Pavlovoposad shawl can be a wonderful purchase, which can be made of different materials, have different sizes, but be sure to be decorated with a beautiful pattern. This colorful scarf is one of the most recognizable symbols of Russia, which has a history of more than 200 years.

Of the products, foreign tourists (and we are worse?) Buy in Russia most often honey, the variety of which is amazing here (flower, buckwheat, lime and many others) and vodka, the national Russian alcoholic drink. In addition, many bring fish from Russia. For example, tourists resting on Lake Baikal, are sure to buy the local omul, dried or dried. Another tasty purchase may be Kolomenskaya pastille, apple mass whipped with egg white and sugar, formed in the form of layers.

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