Bali Travel Guide: Things to Know Before You Go to Bali

Bali Travel Guide: Things to Know Before You Go to Bali

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You want to go to Bali but don’t know how to start the plan? Then you’re mine. Although I had always seen Bali travel photos and dreamed of going, I didn’t really know much about the island. Of course, I’ve done dozens of resources while making my travel plan, and I’m more excited as I do. During our Asian route, both people I met while visiting countries and those who sent messages from instagram asked me a lot; Where is your favorite place, Bali is the clearest answer to this question, although every place we visit is beautiful. Now is the time to tell you this beautiful island, based on my own experience when planning a trip to Bali I will try to touch on everything you need to know. Alternative Bali routes by Bali budget and number of days will also be in the article, I hope you like it. Then here are the Bali travel guide, the answers to the question of how to plan a Bali trip.


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Language Spoken in Bali

In Bali, Balinese, an Indonesian and island-specific language, is spoken.

Where is Bali’s Capital?

Denpasar, the capital of Bali. Chaotic and moving. Location including various shopping centers and airports. Ngurah Rai International Airport is located 13 kilometers south of Denpasar.

Bali’s Currency

Indonesian rupee, IDR.

Bali Population

According to the 2014 census, 4,225 million people live in Bali. Of course, tourists are added to this number of people in the season.

Area of ​​Bali

With a total surface area of ​​5,632 km², Bali Island is 153 kilometers from east to west and 112 kilometers from north to south.

Geography in Bali

Bali is located in an area with active volcanic movements. There are already two more active volcanoes on the island. Mount Agung and Mount Batur. The highest point of the island is the summit of Mount Agung. The longest river on the island is the Ayung River, which is about 75 kilometers long. Bali is surrounded by coral reefs but it is not very convenient to swim because the sea is choppy. But ideal for surfing and snorkeling. There are three small islands in the southeast of the island: Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.

Bali Climate

Bali has a tropical climate. On the island, 12 months of the year the weather is hot but the seasons are basically divided into two: Dry and Rainy season. Dry season between April and September, rainy season between October and March. The average year-round temperature in Bali is around 30 degrees and humid.

Economy of Bali

In the past, the Balinese economy was based entirely on agriculture and largely on rice farming. Now the role of agriculture in the economy continues, but not so dominant. Nowadays, 80% of Bali’s economy is based on tourism. In addition, craftsmanship, fishing, coffee production is also an important profession.

Religion in Bali

Bali is the only place in Indonesia where the majority of people belong to the Hindu religion in Indonesia, which is predominantly Muslim. Therefore, it has a demographic characteristic that is different from the whole country. 83% of the island is Hindu, 13% is Muslim and the rest is Christian and Buddhist.

Culture in Bali

Hinduism plays the greatest role in Bali’s cultural formation. For this reason, in line with the teachings of Hinduism, the people living here express their beliefs in the form of dance, music, art and daily rituals. This creates a very colorful culture. In short, the cultural and social order in Bali is based on tradition and religion. In the 1930s Bali was discovered by some researchers and artists, so to speak, and then in the 1970s Bali was experiencing a huge tourist boom. Ubud is the cultural center of Bali. Balinese art is kept alive in the small workshops of craftsmen in Ubud.

Balinese Cuisine

Rice is the basis of Balinese cuisine. All traditional dishes are usually served with rice. In addition, delicious seafood and fresh fish, exotic fruits and vegetables are featured.

Bali Travel Guide: Is Bali safe? Is it dangerous to go to Bali?

Is it dangerous to go to Bali?
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Bali is a very safe place that I have observed and experienced. According to what I read on the Internet, the Balinese people earn 80% of their livelihood from tourism. So I think they value tourists a lot. Amazingly warm-blooded and friendly people all. I really don’t remember seeing one antipathic person. I also walked alone on the street all day and night with the child in my arms, people help or taxi etc. they never mess with you except to offer. As a result I can easily say that it is quite safe for people. Of course, there is another dimension of the danger due to the location of Bali. Two months before we went to Bali, there was a big earthquake on the island of Lombok, 40 km away from Bali, 3 weeks before we went to Sulawesi, and a week before there was a moderate earthquake on the island of Java. It made me a little nervous, but then I became fatalistic because these earthquakes could happen at any moment, and if I wanted to see Bali, I had no choice but to wish everything was fine. There is a frequent earthquake in Indonesia because it is located on the 40,000 km Pacific Fire Circle line along the Pacific Ocean with fault lines and volcanoes. Earthquake and volcano eruptions are very frequent due to the Pacific Fire Circle, one of the most active seismic regions in the world. You’ve probably heard of the volcano eruption before. These are events that are completely in the hands of nature, you will never go to Bali or you will risk the possibility of this happening to you.

Bali Travel Guide: Where is Bali? How to get to Bali?

How to get to Bali?
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Bali is an island connected to Indonesia on the Asian continent and is located in the Indian Ocean. Bali’s airport is Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar. We went to Bali with Qatar Airlines, in May I caught a Qatar campaign and bought a ticket for an affordable price. Apart from Qatar, Emirates and Singapore Airlines fly to Bali, all of which are connecting flights. If you don’t mind making multiple transfers, you can also review the different airline combinations. If you find tickets between $ 400 and $ 450 on a connecting flight, don’t miss it, cheaper than I’ve never seen in person.

How to visit Bali? Bali travel guide

Bali travel guide
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If it is not an abnormal price for transportation from the airport to your hotel, I think the transfer from the hotel set. If they offer ridiculous prices for transfers from the hotel, then I recommend using the prepaid taxi system at Bali airport. Now let’s see how transportation is in Bali. I want to start by saying that the traffic in Bali is very busy. The traffic in Istanbul is much more sure, but people do not want to be exposed to so much traffic while on holiday, so the engine is very common in Bali, you can rent a bike and you can take a motor taxi. If you are coming to Bali as a couple, you must rent an engine. The steering wheel is located on the right side, you can also rent a car if you don’t have to go over-cramped and opposite traffic. 🙂 I didn’t rent an engine because I was alone with my son, but we got into the taxi several times. I did not find the engine safe for children at first, but I never approached, but you see so many crowded families on a single engine that after a while it comes to normal people. Grab and Uber use is said to be common but in most places saw signs that it is prohibited. Nevertheless I tried to use Grab several times because I was told it was cheap and reliable. The application gives a cheap price but the drivers will send the same price every time they send a message and the hotel will arrange the transfer, they do not accept the gold, I stopped trying after a while. 🙂 The best way to visit Bali thoroughly is to rent a car with daily driver. We agreed with a driver named Dewa for $ 50 per day.

Bali Travel Guide: Do I need a visa to go to Bali? How do I get a Bali visa?

How do I get a Bali visa?
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Indonesia does not require a visa. So you can enter Bali without showing any visa or document. On entry, they put a stamp on your passport, which gives you 30 days of stay in Indonesia. If you wish to stay longer, you must leave the country at the end of 30 days and return again, or visit the immigration offices and learn the procedure for extending your visa. In the meantime, we were not even asked any questions at the entrance. We made an easy entry into the country. If you are not a citizen of one of the 169 countries where Bali opens its visa-free doors, you can get your visa for $ 35 upon arrival.

Bali Travel Guide: When to go to Bali? How long to stay in Bali? Bali sightseeing route

When to go to Bali? How long to stay in Bali? Bali sightseeing route
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The best time for Bali is between June and August, which means it is our summer. The intermediate seasons are between April-May and September-October. We went at the end of the interim period, went to mid-October and returned on November 1. It didn’t rain once when we were there, and it was cloudy for just one day. Usually it was either half cloudy or full sun. Monsoon rains started the day after we left. Ik We were really lucky, but not everyone is so lucky. It is of course very advantageous to go in the interim period in terms of prices and crowds. Nowhere did we come across the crowds. We stayed in Bali for 13 nights and 14 full days. We arrived at 8:10 am on the day we left, and today we left with 11 aircraft at night, so we had full time on our return days. Since I was alone with the child, I left plenty of rest days, and we went to several islands that are extensions of Bali. Our route was as follows: 3 days Canggu, 1 day Seminyak, 1 day Uluwatu, 3 days Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida islands, 6 days Ubud. I spent 2 days in Ubud enjoying the hotel, I extended this part a bit. 4 days in Ubud and the surrounding area was spent. I think you will go to Bali only a minimum of 7 days. Now let me give you route suggestions with maximum efficiency according to the number of days, these routes are totally according to my likes, your priorities may be different. There were people who told me that I only have 5 days in the messages I received, so I start by taking the minimum number of days 5 days.

5 day Bali route

I am thinking 4 nights as 5 days. The day you go to settle in the hotel and go to one of the bars at sunset to make the road tired and tired, as well as watching the magnificent sunset and a little night life tasting. There are 3 full day chauffeurs with temples, rice fields, photo points and waterfall rides. Be sure to share the list of the places you want to go with the driver to do the schedule of the day, they will draw the route accordingly, or ask them in advance of the planned schedule and make the necessary changes on the route. Yerine It’s up to you, of course, to drive around instead of driving. On the return day, you can either enjoy the infinity pool of the hotel you are staying in or the pool of the hotel where you will enter the day.

7-day Bali Route

In addition to the above, a 1-day Bali Nusa Penida island tour or a 2-day stay in Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. If you want to spend a day in the Nusa islands, walk the Campuhan Ridge Walk for 1 day sabhtan, visit the concept cafes in Canggu or Seminyak in the afternoon, touring and shopping.

10-day Bali route

In addition to the above, one day you can go to Batur volcanic mountain, 1 day waterfall route, 1 day surf lessons.

If you realize that I didn’t leave a lot of free time in my route suggestions here, you can extend the beach times for more rest, and change the routes according to your interests according to the number of days. If you’re staying longer than this, you can visit the not so prominent areas of Bali, explore different parts of Indonesia, or enjoy a lot. It’s up to you. 🙂

Bali Travel Guide: Where to Stay in Bali Bali Accommodation Advice

Where to Stay in Bali Bali Accommodation Advice
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Bali is a fairly large island and considering the traffic, it makes more sense to stay in one place and stay in several different places than spend your time on the roads. I recommend Canggu or Seminyak for sunset parties, concept cafes, bars and colorful beach clubs, Ubud for sightseeing and enjoying the lush greenery, Sanur and Nusa Dua for resort hotels where you can swim. Now let me write my own accommodation plan. When I first went to Canggu for 3 nights, I stayed at the Eastin Ashta Resort, I was very pleased with the hotel’s location and itself. Then we stayed in Seminyak for 2 nights, while visiting the Uluwatu side. The hotel we stayed at was Grandmas Plus Hotel Seminyak. It was the cheapest hotel we stayed in Bali, it had a small but clean and adequate room. It was also very central, I was walking down to the beach within 5 min and there were grocery stores, restaurants. Then we stayed in Nusa Lembongan for 2 nights. On return we stayed in Ubud for 6 nights, 4 nights of which was spent in an average hotel and 2 nights in a luxury hotel. Our first stay at the hotel was Tebesaya Cottage, it was really very central. There were several restaurants and a massage parlor just across the street that had a very high rating on tripadvisor. There were many grocery and grocery stores in the immediate vicinity, as well as clothing, souvenir shops. Ubud monkey forest and Ubud market were within walking distance. There were also two small pools in the garden to cool off in the heat. Their breakfasts were very successful, you would choose the breakfast you would eat from the evening, you were giving information, they were ready at the hour you want in the morning, in your room or in the garden, by the pool. In the meantime, some hotels with magnificent views of the infinity pools are open to guests from outside as a day trip, subject to the entrance fee. You can stay in a cheap hotel and consider luxury hotels for daily pool use, so you spend less money.

Bali Travel Guide: What to eat in Bali Bali eating and drinking guide

What to eat in Bali Bali eating and drinking guide
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Rice is Bali’s most basic food, not only in food culture but also in rice. Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng are the two dishes you will see most in Bali. Mie Goreng noodles with vegetables, chicken, meat and seafood are served with a fried egg. Nasi Goreng can also be made with rice instead of noodles. Mie Goreng was my favorite dish, I already love noodles. The dishes called Satay are different kinds of meat prepared with spicy sauces pasted in bottles. Chicken, veal, etc. We have all kinds. Bebek Betutu is a dish made with duck filled with various spices and wrapped in banana leaves and smoked. Nasi Campur is a food served with steamed rice and various appetizers. There are many more kinds of food, I have tried different tastes in gourmet restaurants and local restaurants, but these are the main dishes that I think should be tasted. By the way, the restaurants that are called Warung do local food and prices are generally reasonable. Of course, there are varieties, some of them did not look good to me in terms of hygiene, some of the tradesman restaurant consistency, some more touristy and beautiful. Accordingly, prices vary. I don’t really like the desserts in Bali, but let me write down a few varieties. Pisang Goreng, a dessert they make by frying bananas, pisang already means bananas. Dadar Gulung, also known as Pandan Crepes, is a dessert made with the leaves of pandan plant by putting caramelized coconut into the crepe, which is an edible dessert. There are so many alternatives for vegans in Bali, by the way, if you don’t like animal food, you’ll be comfortable here. Especially smoothie bowls are very common, you can try a variety of bowls. In Bali, the country’s own beer, Bintang, is quite common. Melon, banana, pineapple, mango, papaya are very cheap and delicious. Bananas are tiny, like a finger. I recommend you to try rambutan and idiot fruit which is unique to Asia, which we cannot come across in our country. Rambutan has a red-haired shell, but when you separate it, the soft fruit comes out delicious. “Salak”, on the other hand, is a bad fruit with a shell that looks like snake skin. I guess we are looking for the taste which is obviously accustomed to people, as we have often consumed pineapples and bananas. The fruit juice was mostly freshly prepared pineapple juice and watermelon juice.

Bali Travel Guide: What to wear in Bali? What should be in the Bali suitcase?

What should be in the Bali suitcase?

There is no need to pay attention to your clothes in Bali. You only need to put sarong on your waist in the temples, and they give it to you for free. You may need to dress with shoulders and knees closed to enter some small temples. The weather was hot, when we went it was seasonal, and the temperatures were like September, there was no sweltering heat. As the monsoon period was nearing the end of the trip, the temperatures started to rise and the rains started after we left. I’m just saying, you just need to prepare a normal summer vacation suitcase and buy a windbreaker or raincoat. Umbrellas were available in all the hotels we stayed in but you can take a small one with you. There were bath towels in every hotel but beach towels may not be available everywhere, I would recommend getting easy-drying microfiber towels. Due to moisture, normal towels dry late and microfiber towels take up little space. If your stomach is sensitive, take stomach medicine, we have had no problems, but in Bali, there may be tourists who are disturbed by food or water, they call it Bali belly. For fly bites, I took Defender fly repellent with us, but there were more powerful ones in Bali, it’s up to you to take them away. You will walk around the temples and the surrounding area, and land will be at your feet. Alın Make sure you get comfortable shoes, I’ve been wearing Teva sandals, and I’ve been very comfortable. In the meantime, don’t overfill your suitcases, you can buy very nice clothes from Bali. Ne I’m asked a lot about what I took with the photos, and I think I can write it in the part I took with me. I bought the Sony A6000 to be lightweight, I didn’t buy anything other than the 16-50 lens. I also take many pictures with the Gopro Hero 6 and Iphone 8 Plus.

Bali Travel Guide: What is a souvenir from Bali? Shopping in Bali

What is a souvenir from Bali? Shopping in Bali
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Bali is a complete shopping paradise, really cheap and beautiful because people really want to get everything. First of all, you should definitely negotiate a lot when shopping in Bali. Normally, I’m handicapped and I don’t find it right to bargain for something that’s worth three cents on our own money. Since I realized that I had been staked a lot too many times in Bali, I experienced that bargaining is essential. For example, on the way, two women were selling fans and the weather was very hot, so I was overwhelmed by the fact that I carried the island in the kangaroo. He gave me the price of 130000 IDR for the fan, it was around $ 9 so it was obvious that it was expensive, so I went for a bargain. He called me 50000IDR from behind, and I went to Ada for $ 4, which is an acceptable figure. I went to the market in the future, I asked the women who sell fan fans out of curiosity, they said 10000 IDR ($ 0.71). So you can think about it? That’s the first number he said, maybe if I negotiate, he’il get even lower. My eyes opened when I was exposed to this and similar nonsense. I didn’t try to negotiate again, but I usually walked away when I didn’t like the price. The above example was a utopian pile work, but you can normally start bargaining in markets for a price of 1/3. You can meet halfway or sometimes you can negotiate the price. After I talked enough about this, let me see what you can get. Dream catcher, so we call the name of the dreamcatcher sale too, and of course the straw round bags. I bought two of the straw bags for around $17. As the first price, they give more than one price, but they fall, so keep that in mind. They also have batik robes, kimonos, coveralls, shawls, pareos and they are all great. Of course there are also beautiful decoration products. There is not much space in my suitcase, but I could not do much shopping, but I think you take an empty suitcase with you. 😀

Bali Travel Guide: How is the nightlife in Bali? Sunset bars in Bali

How is the nightlife in Bali? Sunset bars in Bali
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As a woman who has gone to Bali alone with a child, I have not had a crazy nightlife experience, but I can say that I have mastered the environment in general. 🙂 As far as I’ve seen, the nightlife is mostly lively at the beach. You can also find sweet bars on the streets once in a while, but there is no atmosphere of discomputing disco. I had the opportunity to hang out in the sunset and after sunset bars and I loved the environment, I would definitely like to come again with my wife. Bali sunsets are truly spectacular, especially the sunset bars in Seminyak and Cangu are all beautiful. They took full marks from me with their music and relaxed atmosphere. By the way, drinks in Bali were generally quite cheap. Beer prices were around $ 2 even in upscale bars.

Bali Travel Guide: Is Bali suitable for honeymoon? Honeymoon in Bali

Is Bali suitable for honeymoon? Honeymoon in Bali
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It is important that you dream of a honeymoon, but I think there is an environment for every kind of honeymoon couple in Bali. It is a big plus that Bali’s most beautiful season coincides with our summer season, when weddings are popular. Very luxurious hotels, floating breakfasts in your private pool, Balinese massages for couples, romantic sunsets, great concept beach clubs and much more. Of course, the most beautiful part of all of these is that they are at very reasonable prices compared to many parts of the world and even to our country. If you like culture, adventure travel, surfing etc. Bali is for you if you are curious about amenities like. If you say I am looking for white sand and turquoise waters on my honeymoon, you will be disappointed, let us take you to the Maldives. 🙂

Bali Travel Guide: How to go to Bali with children? Bali with child

How to go to Bali with children? Bali with child

I go to Bali with the kid, I know I went with my 3 year old son. Oldu There were blogger friends who went before and after me with the child, even with the baby, and no one had problems. Foreigners are already going everywhere with their children but I guess we are a bit more worried as locals. We flew Qatar to Bali and the flight from Qatar to Bali takes 10 hours. I had some worries that my son had never had such a long flight before, but in general I was comfortable because there wasn’t a child who had trouble during the journey. Our flight departed from Doha at 7:10 pm and we were in Bali at 8:10 am. So the fact that most of the way to sleep time was not much trouble. Even though he woke up several times at night, almost all people were sleeping and watching the cartoons quietly because the lights were not on. Our trip started so comfortably than I expected. I didn’t take a stroller with me, I took a kangaroo. In my opinion the stroller is not much to be used anyway, the roads are very damaged, the sidewalk does not have much, would not recommend. I often carried my son on lap, in temples, short walks, and walked in places like rice fields. I used the kangaroo when we took long and uninterrupted walks. Bali’s temple entrances are free for children under 3 years old. The island is 3 years old, but they did not charge him. My son did not eat traditional food at all, as he was not very open to eating, but he ate plenty of fruit and drank fresh juice. Appetite children will have something to love with traditional dishes. In general, I have an appetite son as a meal, but only pizza, pasta, potatoes, such as eating a little bit of food that children did not like to eat. We didn’t have any problems for breakfast anyway, at worst the eggs were happening everywhere. There is nothing you can’t do with children in Bali, except for activities that require high effort, such as volcanic mountain climbing and waterfalls, or that we might consider a bit dangerous. There were many questions about health and hygiene, I didn’t have any problems with hygiene, but if you stay at the most luxurious hotel, there might be geckos (an animal like a tiny lizard) or interesting insects. These are things you need to get used to in Bali, no harm to children or to you. I’ve used propolis as an immunosuppressant for health, I’ve taken Silverdin with Stilex for fly bites and burns, I’ve got a chaperone for diarrhea, and an antipyretic. Thank God I didn’t have to take drugs.

Bali Travel Guide: Who should go to Bali? What kind of holiday is there in Bali?

Who should go to Bali? What kind of holiday is there in Bali?
Gates to one of the Hindu temples in Bali in Indonesia

In my opinion, Bali is a place where many travelers can find something that suits their tastes, and there are many things to do and things to do. While I was thinking that there is no one in Bali who doesn’t like Bali, there was a message like this from instagram: ım my friends went to Bali, the sea was bad, there was only greenery, they didn’t like it at all, right? Im I couldn’t find the message itself, it was more or less that. I don’t remember if I was able to answer that moment because I’m losing messages, sometimes something gets in the way. Let me answer here; not true, even extreme wrong to me. First of all, even if it’s just green, it doesn’t mean that a place is bad, but I think it’s amazing. Who should go to Bali the most? Those who like to know different cultures while traveling, those who like adventure (volcanoes-waterfalls), those who love concept cafes, those who like to have fun, those who like to relax, those who like to surf, those who like to take photographs, those who like yoga and those who love green. 🙂 So despite this message, I still can’t think of anyone in the world who doesn’t like Bali. 🙂

Bali Travel Guide: Is Bali Cheap? Bali Travel Budget

Is Bali Cheap? Bali Travel Budget
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Yes Bali is definitely cheap. Although it is not that cheap to buy flights to Bali, traveling there is still cheap even though the value of our money has dropped considerably by 2018. With a one-week European travel fee, you can spend two to three weeks in Bali according to your spending habits, I don’t exaggerate. I don’t usually get into the budget in my writings because the most relative part of this trip is the fact that I’m going to talk about it because I’m asked a lot. I was wondering how much I spent in Bali, so let me start first. I spent 13 nights and 14 days $ 650 cash, let me write the ones included in this expenditure, all the food, drink, in-island transportation, shopping and daily tours and the entrance fees of all historical sites were paid with this money. I paid the hotel fees by credit card. I paid $ 325 for an 8-night hotel fee, on average it’s $ 40 per night. You can also rent a room in hostels or homestays for as little as $ 10. All of the hotels I stayed in were fine, breakfast included and where I could walk around, the cheapest was $ 23 per night, the most expensive was $ 50 per night. I stayed as a guest in two other hotels where I stayed the other 5 nights. I didn’t take our Bali ticket round trip because Bali was the first leg of a 41-day Asian tour. I would have found it cheaper if I bought a round trip to Bali, so I bought our round trip ticket to Bali for $ 908 5 months before the trip date, with a round trip to Maldives. Assuming the flight is round-trip to Bali, I ended our 15-day and two-person Bali holiday with an all-inclusive budget of less than $ 2,000. Having an adult instead of a child with me was an advantage at the entrances to the ruins only, which in turn made a contribution of no more than $ 50, you can think of our expense in hotels and restaurants as two people again. By the way, it was a trip that I spent without making account book so this budget could be much lower. Now let me give you a budget for a modest trip without being miserable and without escaping luxury, $ 25 per double room per night in the hotel, $ 30 per day for a double meal (I bought the average by including sunset bar entrance, less bit of alcohol etc), assuming you rented the motor daily $ 5 engine rental. If you take a few days with a chauffeured ride, the $ 50 per day vehicle, archaeological sites entrances, photo point and swing fees for two people total $ 100 excursion. Let’s say you planned your trip from Saturday to the next Sunday, and if you take off the roads, an average travel budget of 7 nights and 8 days is about $ 700, including everything else, except for the plane. Let me try to make a budget for those who say how much it would be cheap. 🙂 If you take the hotel to the $ 10-15 band, and the dinner to the $ 5-10 band, you will not rent a car with driver, rent a motor, and so many temples etc. If you don’t visit a weekly budget you can fall to around $ 250. For those who will travel luxury, of course, the budget is open-ended, but a couple who want to honeymoon without exaggeration should consider a minimum of $ 1000, except the plane. In addition to the above average budget, I put a $ 300 difference to make you enjoy yourself at least a few days in better hotels and pamper yourself.

Short Notes About Bali

Short Notes About Bali
Picture from
  • I didn’t need any converters for the sockets.

  • Traffic is flowing from the left.

  • There is no obligation to get a vaccination to Bali. HepatitA and typhoid favors are recommended if you go out of the tourist areas to Indonesia’s rural areas, but I think you can be comfortable for Bali, we did not vaccinate.

  • There is no tap water in Bali, not even recommended for brushing teeth. In addition to the water in the room, all the hotels we stayed without saying cheap and expensive had drinking water which you can use for free in the bathroom. I brushed my teeth with tap water several times, no problem.

  • The main language spoken in Bali is Balinese, but Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of the country, is usually spoken in Indonesia. The number of English-speaking people was very high, I came across only two people who did not know, and they were working on the road in places that were not touristic at all.

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